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Im lucky enough to love what I do for living and I also enjoy to write about it. In my
blog section. I share all my experiences and work with you.


I constantly strive to give the best service possible and it means so much to
receive such great feeadback from couples after all the hard work. Here is
a small selection of our latest reviews

Whats clients say about me

Audrey & Aaron – ISPWP

Julien in my opinion is not a wedding photographer but an artist. As a bride I could not have been happier with my wedding pictures as they captured the essence of every moment of my wedding day. The photographs are simply outstanding.

I was fortunate to have traveled to Puerto Vallarta a couple of months before the wedding to plan my perfect day with my mother and we had the pleasure of meeting Julien during our trip. We hired him during our meeting not only because he was highly recommended and we had previously seen samples of his work on his blog but most importantly we hired him because he was friendly and incredibly passionate about his work. And now that the wedding is behind us, we could have not made a better decision. During the wedding day he was everywhere capturing every moment; and now every picture tells a story. On the day of the wedding, Julien and his assistant were on time, prepared, and came with a flexible and super friendly attitude. Julien in my honest opinion is the absolute best photographer in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas and he charges a fair price for his work. When I met with him he set up realistic expectations on when I was supposed to receive my pictures and he delivered before the deadline, which I was incredibly happy about.
To any bride out there looking for a phenomenal photographer, Julien is your guy!!! It was great meeting him before the wedding but looking back now, it was unnecessary as his passion for his work provides you as a bride with stunning photographs of your wedding.
Thank you Julien on behalf of my husband and I and all our wedding guests and family who loved your work!

Lauren - Weddingwire

He was absolutely amazing and so artistic. The pictures look like they belong in a fashion magazine! I just love his work!!!

Rick - Weddingwire

I was not able to attend my daughter's wedding because of surgery. Julien's photos make me feel as if I experienced the event firsthand.



Where are you located?

We are located in Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita.

Do you travel to other cities?

Yes, all over the globe. Travel fees would apply to weddings outside of Puerto Vallarta and Paris.

Do some hotels charge fees for onsite photographers?

Yes. In this case the fee would be passed onto the client.

Do you photograph traditional family grouping?

Yes, upon the clients request. We usually spend 10-15 minutes immediately after the ceremony to photograph the bride’s and groom’s family. We may also photograph traditional bridal party groupings.

What style of wedding photography do yo specialize in?

We tell the story of each wedding with a mix of creative portraiture and photo-journalism. This focus allows us to capture realistic moments with lasting impressions which are treasured by our clients forever.

do you provide high resolutions files?

Yes. Our packages, and photo sessions, include fully processed High-Resolution jpeg’s. We will also provide a DVD that is allowing our clients to make their own prints.

Will the files on the disk be marked with a logo?

No. There is no branding or marking on the High Resolution files. However, our brand logo Julien Leveau appears on a set of lower resolution images which we provide for distribution on social networks.

Do you shoot black and white, color or a combination of black and white and color?

We shoot everything in color and convert images to black and white during our editing process.  We also use proprietary editing techniques for toning and special effects. If an image is delivered in black and white, it is permanently black and white because once a photo is shot in film mode it is not possible to change it back to color.

Can you reserve a date without a retainer fee and/or contract?


What retainer fees and/or contracts are required?

We require a non-refundable 20% retainer fee to reserve a date.  The 80% remainder is due in cash on or before the date of your event.

How far in advance will you book?

We will take bookings for weddings up to 18 months in advance of the wedding date.

What information do we require before accepting a retainer fee and booking a date?
  • the number of hours involved in the photo shoots
  • the package(s) you select
  • the A-La-Carte item(s), if any
What form of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash, PayPal, or bank transfer payments. (Clients are responsible for the 4% commission payable to PayPal).

Can I give you a credit card number over the phone?

We only accept cash, PayPal, or bank transfer payments.

When can we expect to receive delivery of our photograph packages?

Our turn-around time is 8-12 weeks.

Is it necessary to meet our photographer before the wedding?

Not necessarily.  More than 90% of our clients book online without meeting us prior to their wedding day.

Do you do video shoots?

No but we can recommend you a few videographs that meet our quality standards.

If we prefer not to have ‘getting ready’ photographs, is it possible for you to arrive at the ceremony when it begins?

We require a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the ceremony commencing. This enables us to document the location, photography any casual guests hanging out, and if allowed, entering the ‘getting ready’ suite to photograph a few reactions or emotions of your friends and family members. We may also photograph memorable items, details or anything that helps build the environment and the moments from which life happens. This could include photographing the wedding party in an interesting landscape and/or architectural backdrop.

Between the wedding and reception will we be photographed separately from our guests?

We shoot wherever we can, and in some cases, may not be shooting images in front of the guests.  We prefer to stay in close proximity to the reception area to make the best us of our time.

How much time will this photo session take?

We require a minimum of 30-45 minutes to photograph the bride and groom and capture images of the reception set-up before guests arrive.

Once the time allotted in our contract is completed, is it possible you would stay longer and take more photos?

Yes.  If the time taken is beyond the time allotted in the contract, an hourly rate will apply.  Julien would welcome the opportunity to tell more of your story.

Do you shoot traditional wedding photos?

Yes, unless we are told otherwise. Typically, we spend no more than 10-15 minutes immediately after the ceremony to photograph the immediate families of the bride and groom. In addition, we can photograph impromptu formal groupings of the bridal parties.

Do we need to feed you while you are photographing the event?

When you book us for full coverage - yes. You'll be surprised how crazy hard we're going to work for you on your day, feeding us is in your best interest to ensure that we are staying fueled for chasing the remainder moments of your day! We ask that you have something simple (a sandwich and bottle of water are great) prepared at the same time you'll be eating, if it's easier to just include us in your meal plan, we're happy to sit with your guests, but certainly don't require. We use to find accommodations with your wedding planner.

After our wedding ceremony there will be a long break before the reception begins. Can you give us a quote for photography sessions held only during the ceremony and reception?

No. We work on a consecutive time basis only. Let’s discuss how we can work together and use our time to benefit both of us.

Do we get prints with our wedding package?

No. Our packages include digital negatives so you can easily create prints of your choice. You have the option of ordering from us a special edition Wedding Album, more info buy clicking here.

Are there discounts or bundle prices for your services?

No. It wouldn’t be fair to other couples who paid full price.

If we add an extra hour to the package, are additional edited images included?

Yes. Our aim is to consistently deliver the most complete story we can with the images we shoot. We work to deliver approximately 40 - 50 images per hour. Our intention is to ‘under promise and over deliver’.

What if we want to book additional time or request a Wedding Album after the event?

We're always happy to add additional items to your package at any time - just let us know.

How long does the ‘Trash the Dress’ beach session usually take?

A session is booked for 1 ½ hours.

How long does a Marietas Island ‘Trash the Dress’ session usually take?

The Marietas Island session takes 3 1/2 hours.

How do we get to Marietas Island?

The Marietas Island ‘Trash the Dress’ session includes a boat rental from Punta de Mita to Marietas that may let you watch the whales. (You are responsible for transportation to Punta de Mita unless you make other arrangements with us).

What time of day do the ‘Trash the Dress’ sessions begin?

The time changes throughout the year due to high and low tides. We will inform you of the time to arrive well in advance.

Should I bring my veil for the ‘Trash the Dress’ session?

Definitely. Lace floating in crystal clear water gives amazing effects when photographed. Besides, we can make use of the veil before it gets wet.

Should I buy another dress for the ‘Trash the Dress’ session? I’m afraid my dress will really be trashed?

Your dress have more chance to be trashed the night of the wedding than it will be in the ocean. If you prefer we can shoot in a rustic, anti-bridal environment and the results will still be exotic.
Some of our clients actually do buy different dresses for the shoot. We can discuss this prior to you making a decision you are comfortable with.

What style of Wedding Albums do you offer?

We will design an attractive, conceptual album based on a chronological storyline of your wedding day.

Can we select the photos?

It is not necessary for you to select the photos as the selection is part of the edition process that we realize for you.

Do we see the Wedding Album before you send it for printing?

After we create the Wedding Album, we will send you a link including the design and a comment field for any changes you wish. Two revisions are included in the price and Wedding Albums take 1 - 2 weeks to complete or revise.

Can we add more pages after we choose a package?

Yes. Additional pages can be added by 10.

Where do you print your books?

We send our book to be printed in New York, US.

Can we see a few album designs?

Please visit this article for more information about our Coffee table Book.

What is the Wedding Album turn-around time?

3 - 6 weeks from the time you approve your design.

Can we print extra copies of our coffee table Wedding Album?

Of course, you can order as many copies as you want.

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