Las Caletas - Is it worth getting married here?

If you’ve arrived at this blog, chances are you’re seeking something unique, and believe me, Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta can meet those very expectations.

Your seaside dream wedding

Las Caletas is a beach located in Jalisco, roughly 20 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta. The only way to access it is by sea, meaning by boat.

Spanning approximately 1 kilometer, it’s divided into 4 small beaches surrounded by a vast expanse of jungle spanning a thousand hectares of the Sierra Madre – truly a paradise! This beach is tailor-made for unleashing your adventurous spirit, allowing you to disconnect from the modern world and immerse yourself in the jungle and the immense, crystal-clear blue sea that encircles the shore. Truth be told, there aren’t many places in Mexico, or in the entire world, that boast such a diverse range of nature while also granting humans the opportunity to connect with it.

Las Caletas has been ranked in the most beautiful beach in the world as the perfect spot for your dream beachfront wedding. The candles, torches, and soft lighting infuse an air of romance and warmth that will captivate you and your guests.

Here’s a glimpse of Christina and Ryan’s wedding, two lovebirds who had an absolutely splendid time on their wedding day at Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta. We had the honor of documenting the entire event, both in photographs and video.