Hacienda San Pancho - Ana & Alejandro

There are days in life you never forget, and the wedding of Ana & Alejandro is one of those. I am pleased to tell what are the reasons; one is about the location of the event, and the other is relative to my state of fatigue. I will start with the personal reason, the day before, we had another event with about twelve hours of coverage, which resulted in me having a very, very short night. After a wedding like this I need usually one or two days to fully recover, I spend myself a lot on each event.

But anyway I had accepted the challenge and here I am, tired, having to document a second wedding in a row. However, few weddings have left me being as productive, creative, with an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

Hacienda San Pancho is a lovely place. I would call it a neo-colonial hacienda built respecting the traditional architectural style of the building belongs. Within its corridors and open spaces, you can walk among sculptures and contemporary photographs, forgetting a little the jungle, the beach, where the inevitable palm estate always appear in the photographs. Not that I have anything against the palm trees, but it is a good taste to have something different in our area, something artistic that inspires you to be creative. I feel I could return at that location and always have innovative ideas, there are many elements to play with: the land or the own architectural development, especially for an architecture photographer like myself. I highly recommend this location certainly one of the best Nayarit.