Destination Sayulita - Roy & Emily

Sayulita, Mexican magical town

Mexico has so much to offer for those who seek a peaceful wedding on the beach. Sayulita is one of those hidden jewel, paradise for surfers and ideal location for a destination wedding. Roy and Emily made no mistake when they decided to join their life in this quite magical town along with their friends and family.

Luz Ochoa from Sayulita Weddings help them plan and organize their events months ahead with the quality and professionalism she is known for. As usual during that time of the year, the weather was perfect, offering us a cloudless sky as far as our eyes could see, providing me the perfect conditions for a wedding documentation.


Wedding Photography, poetry and deliberate vagueness

As always when I am capturing the memories of a couple, I try to remain invisible and let the event flow naturally. My job as a photographer is to focus on the story of a wedding and tell it through the perspective of my lenses. I liked to use my Tilt Shift lens that brings some poetry to my pictures and romanticsm to the scenes.

Roy and Emily had a lot of fun and so did I. I wish them a long and happy life together.