Wedding Villa Mandarina - Karen & Leo

Karen and Leo’s love story

There’s no need to rush in love. Sometimes it takes seconds, sometimes it takes a lifetime but if it’s meant to be it will happen. For Karen and Leo, it took 13 years. They met each other for the very first time during a national science competition at elementary school back in 1997 and only reconnect until 13 years later in 2010. Leo came to the US for graduate study in 2009 and Karen came to the US for work in 2013.

They were lucky enough to find themselves in the same city, Atlanta, Georgia, where they first started their journeys in the US. Later in 2016, Karen moved to Houston, Texas, and Leo decided to follow her steps. They got engaged in April 2017, and while they were looking for the best place for their dream wedding, they found Puerto Vallarta and instantly fell in love with it.

Wedding at Villa Mandarina, Puerto Vallarta

From Leo & Karen’s words, this is how they describe their big day: “We loved and enjoyed our wedding day in Villa Mandarinas so much! The weather was fantastic (though very hot and humid as usual), and the entire program ran very smoothly with the big help from Eve’s team. It feels like a dream came true while all our effort gradually presented to all our guests and everything was just so perfect. We are so glad to see our guests enjoyed our wedding and had fun with us. We especialy appreciate Julien’s dedication to capture the best moment during our wedding (as we can clear see how wet his shirt was :)”

Wedding season starts beautifully with this lovely couple. Our best wishes and a long and happy life from Julien Leveau’s team.
Wedding photography: Julien Leveau.

Wedding coordinator: Eva Chavez, Eventives.

Venue: Villa Mandarinas.