Dalai & Ray


I have two daughters, and as you can imagine we spend more than a year doing virtual school for my bigger girl. When the pandemic started the little one was still a baby, didn’t crawl neither speak, but she hapily took the classes along with her bigger sister particularly Dalai’s class. With the time she started repeating words and one of her firsts five words was “Dalai” and “shoes”. After a year of (all four of us) taking her virtual classes, we all love Dalai.

I recently heard that she was pregnant and wanted to thank her for taking care so kindly of my two little monsters, so I invited her to do a session for her pregnancy with her partner Ray mostly known as Random Rojo. Ray is an activist, biologist, writer, internet content creator on science, biology, politics and environmental policy, you can learn more at https://randomrojo.com


So we went to one of my favorites spots for maternity sessions, in Nuevo Vallarta, and enjoyed a perfect sunset as they tent to be in November. I adore this beach, although it’s the Pacific Ocean, it can be as quiet as a river, the models can walk deep in the see without having their knees under the water, ideal for a woman who is pregnant. Also, for an artistic point of view, the reflection it offers on the sand is like a mirror that lit nicely the subject. My main picture of this shooting was the idea of “we are pregnant”.

The day my wife and I received the first confirmation of her pregnancy, she told me: “we” got pregnant. In France, we use to say that the woman got pregnant, but it’s more fair actually to name it as my wife did, the responsibility have to be for both of us. This thought did inspired me for the shooting. I decided to stand Dalai and Randomrojo, back to back, both grabbing their own belly, as both were pregnant. This photo even have a name, and it’s named “we are pregnant”.