top 5 best Puerto Vallarta beaches for a family photo shooting

Capturing Memories: Top 5 Puerto Vallarta Beaches for Family Photo Shoots

When it comes to preserving enduring memories, few places can rival the natural allure and vibrant ambiance of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches. Whether you’re a skilled photographer or a parent aiming to immortalize cherished moments, these top 5 Puerto Vallarta beaches are sure to exceed your expectations. With their enchanting landscapes, sun-kissed sands, and crystal-clear waters, these beaches serve as the ultimate backdrop for heartwarming family photo sessions. This article is designed to assist you in choosing the perfect location for your photo session, highlighting the advantages and inconveniences of each beach.

1. Punta de Mita Beach

Punta de Mita Beach boasts a harmonious blend of soft sunlight and compelling shadows, making it an idyllic setting for crafting dynamic images. With no mountains in the area, the beach enjoys fewer clouds, resulting in better lighting conditions for both candid shots and creatively staged portraits. The morning and late afternoon sun cast a radiant, golden hue upon the beach, rendering it an optimal time for a captivating family photoshoot. The unique mirror effect created on the sand’s surface by these properties further enhances the visual appeal of your photos.

Exclusive Residence Access: Many residences around Punta Mita provide direct access to the beach, adding an air of exclusivity to your family photography. This intimacy lets you candidly capture tender moments within a serene, private milieu.

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2. Destiladeras Beach

If your hotel is not located in the Punta Mita resort, you might not have access to Punta Mita beaches. The solution lies a few miles away, between Punta Mita and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, at Destiladeras Beach. It possesses all the attractive characteristics of Punta Mita beaches—the mirror effect and the expanse of golden sands provide an ideal canvas for your family photographs. This location is not as private as Punta Mita, so you might encounter a few tourists during the week. It’s not a significant issue, but I wouldn’t recommend scheduling your session on the weekend, as it tends to be crowded with Mexican families enjoying the day, which could make it challenging to achieve clean background shots.

Advantageous foreground: the mirror reflection light that low tide provide is exceptional, it have a lot of space to work and provide the perfect spot for big families.

3. Conchas Chinas & Mismaloya Beaches

This is the most iconic place for a shoot, encompassing all the beauty of Mexico’s essence. Embraced by luxuriant mountains, Conchas Chinas Beach beckons with its abundant natural beauty. Located on the south shore of Puerto Vallarta, there are various beaches with easy public access. Each of them offers a wide array of opportunities with similar characteristics: mountains, palm trees, downtown in the background, and even some friendly birds.

Nature’s Playground for Creativity: The rocky formations offer a palette of possibilities for infusing depth and visual allure into your captures. For the adventurous, these natural features present an excellent opportunity for crafting innovative shots, infusing your family memories with an exceptional and artistic touch.

Advise number 1:  Be aware that during the summer, there might be afternoon rain. However, this isn’t a significant issue for Julien, as he enjoys playing with rain and flashlights to make every raindrop around you shine. If this concerns you, consider planning your shoot for the morning.

Advise number 2:  Take note that at high tide, the sand is almost completely covered, making it impossible for a family shoot.

4. Holiday Inn Beaches & Downtown

Downtown is not recommended for a family shoot; it’s too busy. However, nearby, the Holiday Inn (referred to as “Holi”) is perfect for families whose resort is close to downtown. It offers an unobstructed and intimate view of the majestic mountains and the heart of Puerto Vallarta. This distinctive backdrop adds depth and character to your family photographs. It also provides the opportunity to shoot directly toward the setting sun during sunset, creating a clean and vivid contrast in your images.

Best Suited for Weekdays: While these beaches are an ideal choice for families with resorts near downtown, it’s worth noting that weekends can be crowded. For a more tranquil setting, opt for a weekday photoshoot to fully appreciate the beauty and ambiance of these locations.

5. Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Nestled in the heart of the bay, Nuevo Vallarta Beach seamlessly marries the compelling features of the previous locations. It mirrors the reflective charm of Punta de Mita’s sands while also bringing you closer to the bustling essence of Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area. This unique blend offers the best of both worlds for an unforgettable family photoshoot.

Personalized Access Options: If your resort is in proximity to Nuevo Vallarta Beach, you have the option to invite us to join your family photography session. While some resorts may require a fee for access, it’s advisable to liaise with the concierge who can facilitate this arrangement. Alternatively, a public access point to the beach exists where no fees are incurred. By strolling a bit further from the entrance, you can easily escape the tourist crowds and capture your family’s essence in a tranquil and unspoiled setting.



In conclusion, Puerto Vallarta’s splendid beaches beckon families to create lasting memories in a breathtaking setting, all infused with a Mexican ambiance. Each beach presents distinct advantages in terms of lighting, foreground, and background, enabling you to capture the joy, love, and connections within your family in the most remarkable way possible. Whether you’re drawn to the golden hues of Punta de Mita, the vibrant energy of Destiladeras, the romantic sunsets of Conchas Chinas, the versatile possibilities of Nuevo Vallarta, or the lively atmosphere of Downtown and Holiday Inn Beaches, Puerto Vallarta’s shores promise to etch memories that will endure for a lifetime. If you’re ready to book your photoshoot with Julien, please complete the following form to get in touch with our studio manager. We will respond promptly.