Romantic Photography session under the Milky Way in Mexico

The new moon was clear and moving toward the horizon to get into the immense sea, the sky was clean and full of stars. The night was perfect for them to shine like the stars by their love.

For a recently married couple, Milky Way can be so relaxing. When you spend months preparing such a big event as a wedding can be, it is such a relief when it is finally over.

For those adventurers seeking for a romantic session, Milky Way is perfect. This option combines a Trash the dress session during the day and a milky way session at night. It’s a 24 hours trip in a superb bay, free of any light pollution. We drive 80 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta in a short 2 hour drive. and spend the day on the pristine beach.

Trash the dress is done for sunset, just before the delicious fish tacos that this little fishers town have to offer. Finally, we do the Milky way session. If the couple is up for it, we can camp and really enjoy the beauty of the night. For those who would rather sleep in comfortable sheets, there is also a nice hotel nearby.

The location is what makes the session so incredible and the shots so amazing. Milky Ways can be done in most mexican regions from april to october.

From a scientific point of view, we all come from stardust, there’s not much to say, the shots speak for themselves.

Professional photographer - Romantic session in Puerto Vallarta Professional photographer - Milky Way session in Puerto Vallarta