Puerto Vallarta family photographer

Puerto Vallarta Family Photographer

As time goes by, life goes on but photography will always remains

There are moments in life we wish we’d never forget. Weddings, anniversaries, newborn babies or the simple facts to get together are worth celebrating because it reminds us our roots and our love for each others.

So for all those occasions, our job is to capture your story through the perspective of our camera and offer you the best memories.

Awarded photographer – Julien Leveau

photographer Julien Leveau - portrait

Julien Leveau is a french artist and photographer whose style is a mix of photojournalism and fine art photography. His eye and passion for arts makes his photography unique and artistic. Easy to work with, his clients describes him as very professional and friendly. He likes to work around people and will make your session a fun and enjoyable moment.

Photographer since 2002, Julien has been membered by the prestigious ISPWP (International society of wedding photographer) and BOWP (best of wedding photography).

Photography is a very special gift as it has the power to hold time

Favorite Puerto Vallarta places to shoot

On the beach

Being habitant of Puerto Vallarta, making a session on the beach comes naturally for us. Banderas Bay offers 40 kilometers, from Mismaloya all the way up to Punta Mita, with countless possibilities for a special shot. Best part of taking pictures on the beach are the incredible sunsets they offer.

Puerto Vallarta family photographer - on the beach

At home

What better place than the comfort of your home to have a photo session? Whether you are having a family reunion or simply want to get a souvenir of your loved ones, we will focus on creating shots you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. For obvious logistic reasons (we have to move a large quantity of equipment in order to guarantee our quality), we can only cover family events within Banderas Bay (from Mismaloya to Punta Mita). Outside this area, we will have to apply the trasnport cost to our fees.

Puerto Vallarta family photographer - at home

At your hotel

We understand the difficulty to move an entire family, especially for those who only come on vacations. For that reason, we can bring our material directly to your hotel. As most of them has an easy access to the beach, we will have the perfect scenery to make some artistic shots. We just need you to give some heads up to your hotel concierge in order to be able to get in easily.

Puerto Vallarta family photographer - in your hotel

On the streets

Even as it’s become one of Mexico’s top destination over the years, Puerto Vallarta still offers some authentic mexican places to make a photo session. From its mythical church Parroquia de nuestra señora de Guadalupe, the legendary Malecón, the romantic zone or the cuale island, the streets offers a large number of options. Pick your favorite!

Puerto Vallarta family photographer - on the street

At the restaurant

You are planning a family gathering in one of the numerous delicious restaurants Puerto Vallarta has to offer? Let us capture those moments and our creativity surprise you.

Puerto Vallarta family photographer - at the restaurant

What to wear for the photo session?

Choose wisely the clothes you are going to wear for the session as from it will depend the image you give of yourself. Comodity is essential as well so a compromise between elegance and comfort is our best advice to what to wear.

For a session on the beach, we recommend to wear some comfortable light-colored clothes in white, blue or grey tone.

Puerto Vallarta family photographer - what to wear

Photo delivery

A “typical” family photo session lasts around an hour and a half which allows us to produce hundres of pictures. Once we get back to the office, we will carefully select the best ones (between 40 and 50 photos) to professionally edit them. We pay a lot of attention to this process as from it will depend the quality of the end-product. For that reason, we spend from 5 to 10 days to edit and deliver your files. Once satisfied with our work, we will send your photos digitally in both low-resolution (for social media and web purposes) and high-resolution (for printing purposes).

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