Wedding videographer in Puerto Vallarta

    Who we are

    We are team of passionated videographers and creatives led by Julien Leveau, awarded wedding photographer for over twelve years in Puerto Vallarta. Our passion is to transmit your emotions and intimate moments with our cameras.

    Some of our films

    What we do on your wedding day

    Our team of two trained and creative videographers make sure all the important moments (and the non important too!) are captured and creatively put together to produce a film you can share and cherish for a lifetime. Being two will not only maximize the angles and reduce the odds of missing a moment. It will also provide a wider selection of scenes to choose from and some nice perspectives to tell the story of each little moments.
    Wedding videographer in Puerto Vallarta

    Why us?

    Since 2016, Julien Leveau photography extended its services to videography while keeping the same quality standards that allow him to be named one of the 100 World’s best wedding photographer (page 58 of the magazine).
    Wedding videographer in Puerto Vallarta
    Since then, our team has found its specialty in telling truly authentic stories that are 100% unique to each couple. Because your wedding is a true representation of your personalities and love for each others, our goal is to capture that uniqueness.
    Wedding videographer in Puerto Vallarta

    What you receive

    The most exciting and shareable video that sums up the totality of the event is the wedding highlight video. A 3 to 5 minutes film with the best scenes and the most impactful audio, carefully crafted and synchronized with a professional music that will enhance its beauty. Here is a small selection of our latest highlights:

    The second film you will receive will be a longer version with an extended part of the ceremony and speeches for you to review when you have a longer time available and want to relive those moments in their integrality. The Full Film is simply the best way to spend a cosy night in watching back on your whole wedding day with a pack of pop-corn.
    Fancy working together?
    We feel honored you are considering us for one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. Please leave us some details about your event and we will get back to you very soon.
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