Maternity Photo shoot – Capture this sweet moment

    Maternity photo shoot in Puerto Vallarta


    There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you
    As futur parents, you are only a few weeks away from finally meeting the best creation of your life. You carefully prepared a comfortable nest, gathered newborn clothes and settled every details for the best start in life. The only thing missing before the big day? A mternity photo shoot, definitely! Those precious intimate moments, captured and kept for eternity for you and your family to enjoy years from now.

    What is the best moment to have the session?

    We recommend to wait at least for the week 25 to have the session in order to have a nice round belly without the pressure of getting in labour. We also recommend to avoid waiting until the last 4-5 weeks because that’s when a woman experiences most tiredness and you won’t be able to enjoy the session as much as you would earlier during your pregnancy.

    Pick your favorite place

    Our main shooter, Julien Leveau is based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico so we can only speak for our region but you can surely find some inspiration that can apply to your city. And if you are in Puerto Vallarta, well, we will be more than happy to organize a session in one of the many areas that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

    On the beach

    Like we mentionned before, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer to photographers but the most appealing has to be the beach. From the pristince waters of the South Shore, the rocky landscapes of Conchas Chinas, the waves of Punta Mita area or the conveniently located beach in downtown Vallarta, there are beaches for everyone and every taste.
    Maternity Photo Shoot - Puerto Vallarta on the beach

    At the river

    Rivers are truely wonderful for pregnancy sessions. Of course, when they are not poisonned by local population or careless industries. Fortunately for us, Puerto Vallarta is reasonnably clean and the weather reasonnably warm to enjoy the river all year long (minus during rain season as it will turn brown!).

    If you want to have a relaxing time, rivers are definitely something to consider for maternity session.
    Maternity Photo Shoot - Puerto Vallarta at the river

    Which time of the day is better for a photo shoot?


    Sun is crucial in photography (duh!) and during sunrise or sunset, we get a perfect balance of light and amazing colors. In Puerto Vallarta, sunsets happen over the sea and are something truely special and unique. Definitely my favorite and most recommended time of the day to shoot.
    Maternity Photo Shoot - Puerto Vallarta during sunset

    During daylight

    If you are openned to it, having a photoshoot during daylight will allow you to get very bright pictures. The end results will be photos that are very sharp and modern.
    Maternity Photo Shoot - Puerto Vallarta during daylight

    Announce it to your family and friends

    With a litlle imagination, everything is possible with photography (and Photoshop). If you want to have a fun picture to announce the incredible news to family and friends, we can help you achieve that with our skills. Perfect for sharing on Social Media, the following picture is how me and my wife announced the arrival of my little girl.
    Maternity Photo Shoot - Announce

    Shooting ideas

    As a professional photographer since 2002, I learned how to improve my skills and bought myself new gears to be always creative. However, if there is a photo idea you would like to realize, I am always opened to new ideas, no matter how extravagant they can be. If you feel you and I could create something very special to immortalize your maternity, please drop me a line and I will be more than happy to reach out back to you.
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