Fine art photography – Dominating the light

    As opposed to photojournalism, fine art photography is about the photographer’s creativity. Fine art is not about the people, it’s about art, it’s about creating and materializing a vision. It is the expression of passion through a camera, the result of the author’s sensitivity to a place or its subjects. It can either be spontaneous or directed.
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    Art is the journey of a free soul


    Fine art during weddings

    Clearly during a wedding, the job of a photographer will be to make a visual report of the day and tell the story of how it happenned. The final delivery (whether digital or printed) will allow any characters of the story to relive those moments whenever they are feeling the need.
    The capacity of a fine art photographger is to produce a documentation that not only tells the story of an event but is also a piece of art iself. We will distinguish two types of fine art shots during a wedding: the spontaneous and the directed.

    Spontaneous shots

    The spontaneous shot is the one that is taken as it happens without any interference from my end about the natural course of the event. The art within the picture will be brought by other elements under my control and consideration.


    The angle

    In this shot, I chose not to shoot straight at and instead shooting with an angle in order to integrate the dog and change a “standard” situation into a more “arty” cliche.
    Fine art - angled shot during getting ready

    The lense

    If there is one lense I love to document weddings with, it is the Tilt Shift 45mm Prime lense. It is quite expensive but was worth my investment as I use it, a lot! This lense gives its owner the capacity of focusing on various levels instead of just one.
    Fine art - Tilt shift

    The exposure

    The exposure means the amount of light I will let my camera capture. In those two shots, I chose a long exposure in order bring movement to my shots and special attention to my subject.
    Fine art - long exposure
    Another example of long exposure is at night. I used different exposures on the following shots while I was having a Milky Way session. It led me to one of the most satisfying photograph
    Fine art - long exposure at night

    The focus

    I love the colors of my camera but if there is one thing I love even more about Nikon products it has to be their incredible Prime lenses. The depth of field and light that they offer are just incredible which I use a lot to create artistic effect.
    Fine art - play with focus

    The composition

    Composition is where the magic happens and one of the main skill that any photographer needs to have. Wether artistic, funny or traditional, the composition is always what gives the first impression to any shot.
    Fine art - composition

    The light

    In addition to my lense collection, I love playing with my flashes. This is the main reason why I bring an assistant in almost every situation. Of course it is more work as most of my shots require a long edition process at the office but it offers a world of limitless possibilities.
    Fine art - flash behind

    Composition with flash behind the subject

    Fine art - flash in front

    Composition with flash in front of the subject


    The reflections

    Playing around with reflections is also a big part of my style. I use it either to include outside elements into my composition which help me set a context to my shots. And I also use it to create artistic and mesmerizing effects.
    Fine art - reflections

    Elements of distorsion

    Another trick I like to use while documenting a wedding is adding distorsions to my images. Interposing elements between my subject and my lense help me bring more depth to my shots and turn almost any “flat” scene into something more “arty”.
    Fine art - distorsion

    Directed shots

    There are always moments more quiet during a wedding, at least in most of them. That’s when I like to take the couple aside from the crowd and work on some directed shots. As a couple, it means you trust my creativity and accept to be directed to materialize the scene I am picturing. Some of the couple I work with will rather go for a more honest documentation by only opting for the photojournalism approach which is totally fine. But if you agree to let me express my art for a few minutes, you might as well end up with incredible shots.
    Fine art - distorsion
    Fine art - distorsion
    Fine art - distorsion
    Fine art - distorsion
    Fine art - distorsion
    Fine art - distorsion