Photojournalism - Story-telling

Story-telling is an art. The art of being un-noticed to capture true emotions.

When I am documenting a wedding, it takes all my attention in order to see what’s happening. You really have to split your brain into the scene and your camera. Using the right lense, settings and focus while paying attention to people and details. Honestly, it is quite challenging and that’s why I love it!

photojournalism - story telling

Sories within the main story

Obviously the story of a wedding is the love story between two persons and also the story of how the day went. But it is also all those tiny stories put together. The getting ready, the getting together with family and friends, the ceremony, the trip, and all those moments that make each wedding unique and personal.

photojournalism - Groom's father getting ready

Groom’s father getting ready while kids are eating a pizza

photojournalism - bride in her dress before her friends

Bride appearing in her dress before her best friends

Documenting a wedding with Photography is all about capturing the moment and passion of the day. I look after the emotion, movement and energy of instants and immortalize them into stills.

photojournalism - make up and getting ready

Bride getting ready by her bride’s maid

My main focus as a story-teller is to create a memory that could speak for itself to generations to come. I intend to keep my photos as natural as possible, selecting and editing each and everyone of them myself.

photojournalism - blessing during ceremony

Couple receiving blessing during religious ceremony

photojournalism - walking out of church

Just married couple leaving church with Mariachi band playing

Watch for the unexpected

There are always unexpected moments during a wedding. Being at the right place at the right time to capture them is what we get paid for but unfortunately, it is not always easy.

Sometimes, even how hard I try to keep my eyes opened and my finger on the shutter, something can happen behind me and by the time I turn around, the moment has passed. But sometimes, (it increases with experience) I manage to feel what’s going to happen so I can be ready for it. When that happens, it leads to incredible shots.

photojournalism - unexpected moment

Remember when my necklace got stuck into grandma’s shirt!

Those moments may don’t seem much to anyone. But for the couple, I can promise you that those shots are the one that will bring their memories back to life in one instant. And that is something a posed photo will never accomplish.

photojournalism - unexpected champagne opo up

Getting messy popping up some champagne!

Photojournalism doesn’t mean we can’t get artistic

When we think about photojournalism, we often see the absence of art and the pure retranscription of facts. As a wedding photographer, I can say that this does not apply to me. I always strive to add an artistic perspective to my shots. The only difference between my style and a posed approach is that I will use the natural environment to create the artistic touch, I will not “make it up”. Besides, playing around with reflection and light distorsions can be very fun and satisfying.

photojournalism - artistic approach

Virgen Mary taking care of one of his son

Setting the scene and taking details is also part of photojournalism

Setting the scene is the most important part of telling a story. Without a scene properly set, any cliche could be anywhere, anytime. It is important for a couple to remember where did everything took place, what was the weather like, in order to feel the emotions lived that day.

photojournalism - setting the scene

Casa Karma in Puerto Vallarta during rain season

I often get asked if I also document the place and little details during a wedding. To them I answer, of course! I know how hard is to plan a wedding and how many efforts the bride and groom put into all those tiny details, so yes, I document them as well.

photojournalism - lake by wedding reception
photojournalism - wedding reception

Wedding at San Sebastian del Oeste – reception party

Photojournalism - plate during dinner
Photojournalism - details and gifts for guests

Wedding at San Sebastian del Oeste – details and gifts for guests

This, my friends, hopefully explained what is to me being a photojournalist during a wedding.
I sincerely believe that documenting a wedding is all about retranscripting the story. It’s about the people who made that day. It’s about the love between people you care about, it’s about emotions. But most importantly, it’s about the moment: the decisive moment to press on the shutter.